Ohh Panayamu, Saab with V8

I was in Greece, Athens for couple of days. It was a nice holiday with interesting experience :)
One of the most shocking thing was Saab 9-7X. Yes, this car is existing! And with 5,3lt engine. I saw this car next to historical place Acropolis.
Saab was owned by GM and everyone heard what happened to Saab nowadays. When Saab manufactured this pointless, weird looking, ridiculous SUV, they used the infrastructure of Chevrolet Trailblazer. Yes, this car is half American and half Swedish. However the idiotic situation does not end up here and it was offering 5,3lt American V8. Petrol eater, inefficient, seriously stupid 5,3lt V8 is starring in Swedish movie!
Actually when saw the 5,3i (it is injection) I was really shocked! A Saab with V8, who did this thing? I thought the owner stick this label but as soon as I checked the internet, I saw the unbelievable truth!
Eventually this car’s production stopped in 2009. One of the best decision ever made by GM and Saab. And I understood from this car, Saab was produced in Sweden and managed in USA. So the result is catastrophic. Neither the product was satisfying customers’ demand nor offering a competitive product.