Rely on me

Thanks you my Dell XPS M1330 which tends to break down every five months! Using this kind of laptop forced me to find alternatives to replace my Dell XPS! And I found Samsung for a replacement. However the interesting thing about Samsung was not its size or weight. It was the advertisement :)
9 hours battery life was mentioned by travelling from Paris to Barcelona. Three minutes of advertisement is mainly taken inside Jaguar XK but not the new, the old one! During this trip, Samsung X420 provides 9 hours of battery power and the girl did not get bored. And the advertisement gives the message, “you can rely on me”. The interesting thing in the advertisement was not the battery life of the laptop, it was the reliability of Jaguar. Unfortunately, Jaguar’s are not considered as very reliable cars but it did not show any trace of problem :) Actually, a Maserati GranTurismo or new Jaguar XK would fit better than the old Jaguar!
Here is the video of this advertisement;