Run Snob Run!!!

I am sure that you remember the movie Run Forest Run. I was thirteen or fourteen at those times and I still remember that nice movie :)
When I started to looking around people and what they are driving, I noticed something. People love to buy cars which can make them look snob. Actually, their cover story is; this car has a great design or this car is a status or they make up a story from that brand actually which does not exist and they are saying this car is reflection of this brand. Sorry!!! But car experts do not eat this :) And when someone asks critical questions about your car, don’t make up story, you will look very pathetic. Best option accept that you want to show off or change the topic. My recommendation is to change topic for you ;)
I have recently post blog about snobbish cars. The winner is Mini and Audi A3. Mainly in emerging markets, these two cars are line between rich and poor. Hopefully, there is a new one Audi A1. People who could not manage to buy an A3, now  you can buy A1. And it does not look boring like A2, many of snobs don’t know that. Search google ;) This very well designed and equipped with high technology of Audi, sorry Volkswagen is a piece of art. And that’s main reason you should not buy it. Firstly; like other Audis it is over-priced. Unless you are buying A4, may be A5, A6 or A8, just buy a VW it is cheaper and same quality. In addition; none of the Volkswagen or Audi cars have problem with pedals ;) Second reason not to buy A1 is you have Alfa Romeo MiTo and Fiat 500. Wait couple of months more and MiTo will have double clutch auto. Fiat 500 is the best looking car on planet and MiTo also. I cannot ignore the fact that; Audi A1 has the best interior with best quality on market. Do not expect to see this quality in Mini or MiTo or 500 or Polo. It is really Audi. I didn’t like the exterior :(
So, I could not find a reasonable reason to buy an A1 while there are better options are available. Audi I was loving A6 2.8 Quattro in 1998 but then things have changed. Still, Audi is much much much car company than some companies ;)
I really wish that, automotive industry never had the snob effect influence on cars. But nobody can do anything for this. As the snobs stick on one unlucky car, many people stop loving it :(