Smaller Engines, Higher Heels

Ten years ago, we had relatively different world! Google was not in our lives, we were using mobile phone just for talking, Subaru Impreza was looking very cool, turbo was something you could find in Impreza also, Adidas was not selling Porsche Design shoes in every shop, high definition TV was nothing, Wikipedia was not around us.
Year 2000 sounds very close but ten years passed just blink of an eye. We did not realize but our life dramatically changed with technology. Now we are searching everything from Google, we try to save our relationships with Google search, we communicate with Skype, we are shopping in huge malls, marketing turned into something very vital.
How I come to here? Again I will connect cars with fashion :) Ten years ago BMW 520i was producing 150 horsepower. Today VW announced the Polo GTi, which is producing 180 horsepower from 1,4lt turbo engine. Peugeot 308RCZ will have 1,6lt turbo engine with 220 horsepower. Ten years ago, Mercedes S320 was producing 220 horsepower from 3,2lt petrol engine.
Last summer; while my Cypriot friend was shopping. She was looking for high heeled shoes and she told me that ten years ago these shoes were not that high! I realized during last decade not only engine powers are raised, also heels’ of shoes are raised. Very interesting relation :) However shoes sizes did not downsized like engine! This is also another fact! Now engines are producing more power in small space :) So, ten years ago Yves Saint Laurent shoes had only ten centimetres of heels, now it has fifteen centimetres :)
By this interesting relation; I can definitely say, cars and fashion has influence on each other ;) But please do not try to attach turbo on cloths :)
Pictures are from;
VW Website
Net-A-Porter Website