Veyron Le Locomotive

When you buy a Bugatti Veyron, you will a big problem! You paid more than a million euro a car with thousand horses. But you still have a problem! You cannot use the full potential of your Veyron in open roads. Even if you are living in Germany with unlimited autobahns, you still have some traffic. It is quite hard to find a place to speed and you cannot predict the road and unfortunately there are some corners as well. Now, there is a solution for this!
I have an idea for Bugatti. Bugatti loves to introduce unique limited editions of Veyron. I think they could combine; railways and Veyron for another limited edition. As you know that, France has the most sophisticated fast trains in the world and Bugatti is a French brand. So, why they don’t combine these two different things :) A Veyron which could go on railways. Mercedes offers this technology on their truck range; with the help of a special feature, trucks are able to travel on the railways.
Veyron Le Locomotive will provide opportunity to speed up your car without any limitations and also you don’t need to hold the steering wheel and no need for ESP. There should be a button for using the railways, car will disengage the ABS and ESP, because railways don’t need any stability control and also there is no way to use steering wheel while breaking. So, there two systems won’t be necessary. Speeding up to 400 km/h will not a big problem and you can stay relaxed at any speed :)
I know this sound funny, however Bugatti is offering a new limited edition to increase profit. After some time, there won’t be any option to extend it and it could end up with very close to this funny model.
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