Another interesting invention from Mercedes!

Mercedes is very good at introducing senseless car. They manage to do this with the interesting R Class! Despite being one of the very slow selling car on Mercedes range, they were offering R63 AMG as the most ridiculous car on planet. A car which neither looks like an SUV nor estate was offered with 510 horse power engine. Hopefully, they realized their mistake and it is not sale anymore :)
Interestingly Mercedes did not learn anything from this experience and they are planning to offer an AMG to new B Class. For those of you, who has no idea what B Class it; that is a longer version of A Class and named as Sports Tourer. I really don’t know the different between A and B Class except their length, but Mercedes is keen on to introduce B Class as something different. The similarity between A and B Class became an obstacle for both cars to achieve better sales performance.
Based on WorldCarFans’s news; Mercedes is planning to offer an alternative to Audi S3 by introducing Mercedes B Class AMG! This is the best idea I have ever heard for last ten years after R63 AMG! I really wonder who is going to buy a car which is twice the higher than its competitor and has nothing in common except being on same market!
Whatever technology will be offered on new B Class AMG model will never ever help to win the battle between Audi S3 or Ford Focus RS or Golf GTi or any car which is on same segment. B Class is a car for families who does not wish to go fast! Competitors like Audi S3 is totally offering something different.