Answers to Google Searches (1)

As a part of public service, I decided to write the answer to your search queries in Google! How I know what you are thinking? Google Analytics shows the phrase people wrote in Google and clicked on my blog. And I wanted to write exact answers to their question ;)
1. Mercedes CLS Station: Are you crazy? I don’t think anyone on earth would be looking for a coupe station but there are some people! And they are searching Google for that :) That’s concept car, ugly, nobody will buy it if it will ever introduced. No second hand value. If you still be willing to buy one, send a picture when you buy one ;)
2. Land Rover Discovery 3 vs Discovery 4: There is no serious difference! Discovery 4 is not a new car, just a marketing trick. That’s the face-lifted Discovery 3. Of course with better interior quality and better looking and still as heavy as a house!
3. Florio Driving Shoes: You can find them in Kurt Geiger stores in UK. With ridicilous colours like purple and pink! And also if you subscribe to GQ Magazine, you will have £30 pound gift card which you could buy these shoes. Again, avoid the pink!
4. Ultimate Luxury Car: I guess, you know the lottery and looking for something luxury. If you won millions, go and buy a Rolls Royce Ghost or Bentley. If you won not millions, go for Mercedes S Class, BMW 7 Series. Try the diesels, because you will spent the rest of the money for stupid things. If you did not win and doing an academic research to find the ultimate luxury car then, it is Rolls Royce!
5. Audi A5 Sportback: Don’t buy! Go and buy a Mercedes CLS or BMW 6 Series or Passat CC but don’t buy the ugly A5 Sportback!
6. Aston Martin Cygnet Greece: I have no idea what this person was looking for! There are some Aston Martins in Greece but Cygnet is not sale yet. You cannot see that car in anywhere :(
7. Buying Maserati: Sorry you cannot buy it from internet!
8. French Car Quality: Buy a bottle of Coke, drink it and smash it! It will be the flash forward of a French car.
9. Jeremy Clarkson Driving Shoes: He does not have any sense of fashion. Try to avoid his style !!!
10. Pilates Driving Shoes: Please tell me what you were thinking :)
Pictures are from;
Mercedes Website