Aston Martin, Bentley 2 + ?

A few days I was surfing on Bentley’s and Aston Martin’s web sites. And I found something catastrophic :) I am pretty sure that, many people are surfing from this problem. People who won the lottery don’t know what to do with that! Many peoples’ dream is collapsed!
Aston Martin DBS Coupe and Bentley Continental Supersport. When you wish to buy these cars in coupe shape, you cannot have 2+2 seating! Yes, if you buy DBS Coupe or Supersport Coupe, you won’t be able to use the back seats. I know who cares! Actually I don’t care that much! But, back seats are not only for accommodating place for people seat, it is also offering extra boots space :) You can throw many things to back, when you have seat in the back :) The interesting fact; DBS Cabrio and Supersport Cabrio has back seat! How did you manage to add two extra seats when you are considering space for roof?
I am serious, coupe suppose have more space for extra seat and cabrio should suffer from finding place to add seats. In these conditions, it is totally the opposite. I really wish to receive response from Aston Martin and Bentley. What they were thinking while desiging these cars :)

Pictures are from;
Bentley and Aston Martin Websites