Bugatti Watch

If you are a very rich person, I am pretty sure that you have different problems than us. As many of us do not own a Bugatti or SLR or Aston Martin; we don’t suffer their problems. However, as your wealth increases, your problems are increasing also. Every good thing has a bad side.
As you have more money, you will have more opportunity to buy more cars or more expensive ones. While replacing your cars, you won’t stop just that; you will also replace your life style also. So you will replace your watch. When you buy a Bugatti Galibier, you won’t be using your ordinary Swatch while driving your four door Bugatti car. This new Galibier, is a four door concept vehicle from Bugatti and in 2013 it is going to be manufactured.
So why I am talking about Bugatti and watch. This new four door Bugatti Galiber will have a very new distinctive features! A watch which can be used in both inside the car and in your arm. I know it sounds a bit weird. Let me explain it; when you get into your car, you will take out your watch and put into the place in car. And you will do the same when you walk out of the car. So when you buy a four door Bugatti, you will also have a wearable car watch.