Colorful Mercedes SLS AMG

Anyone who is interested on car know that German car manufacturers are not very generous on color options! I don’t know why but they stuck on grey, grey, grey, white, red and black also. This color range shows their senseless character in automotive. I know that grey and German cars have emotional bound but customers may not wish to create some stupid relationships with colors.
I can understand this small range of colors in cheaper models but a car which cost €180 000 in Germany and named as Mercedes SLS AMG has only 9 colors option and there are five tones of grey! Can you imagine five tones of grey out of nine colors. This is like going to Gordon Ramsay in Mayfair, London and you will have only five different types of water, out of nine drinks including wines! I can see the improvement by offering “red” but this is not enough.
If you are charging enormous amount of money, you should provide not only huge amount of torque but also huge amount of color range :)
If you wish to have some more color range and less grey, you can order a Range Rover Autobiography!