Connect with Iphone forget the Nokia

Nokia is one of the oldest phone manufacturers on earth! I am sure anyone who has mobile number once in a life time used a Nokia phone! Nobody can ignore the mile stone role of Nokia on mobile communication. Even in mid 1990s, they were involved in unique, ergonomics and never gave up on PR Campaigns.
Despite Nokia iconic contribution to mobile industry, Apple directly dominated the market which was totally emerged by Nokia! My interest was caught in here; Iphone or Ipod connection in cars’ option list. This is not something unusual, it is very good way to listen your music and talk with your phone. The interesting point why Nokia did not introduce something “Connect with Nokia” or something similar to this!
They were major leader in mobile phone industry and they could have offerred this earlier or even now. Still I don’t see any connectivity feature of Nokia like Iphone. We are living in a world, old cheap car manufacturers are increasing their production quality and luxury car manufacturers diminish their quality.