Fashion Magazines vs. Car Magazines: Something in common!

When I started reading at the age of six (I think), at the same time I started reading car magazines. Now I am 28, probably I have been reading those magazines for 21 years! Like cars started to change and evolved, car magazines started change and evolve. Now they are more objective and make better judgements and more entertaining and most talking about dreams. Honestly, cars are not very entertaining unless you own one ;) And if you cannot own the exquisite ones, you will have a dream of those cars. You want to read, you want to see them. Magazines are providing those, dreaming while awake! This is one of the reason why people buy car magazines, they want to learn about something which they cannot own or see in real life.
And last one decade, I started to read fashion magazines. Actually I started from GQ, man fashion magazine. And time to time I read Vogue, actually I was very curious about that magazine. It was so thick and heavy for magazine! It was like a book which is published totally brand new every month. Then I took and look what is inside that so thick magazine. Like thick car magazines, it is dominated by advertisements! Advertisements are not boring like the one on TV. They also educating customers on new products ;) I also realized something, fashion magazines are opening the gates of exclusive brands. People can see the details of new shoes, colors of new handbag from Italy. The dresses they dream all day, they can see the details on those magazines. Even if you cannot afford the brand you adore the most, you can look at them in magazines.
You can see that car and fashion magazines are offering the same thing. Day Dreaming! Despite this similarity, they both ignore each other. For car magazines, fashion is not important (eq. Jeremy Clarkson’s sense of fashion.) and for fashion magazines, cars are boring. It is very rare to see each of them together in one magazine. GQ is doing this very well but only GQ!
Let’s think in a different way, people who are looking at those expensive shoes and dresses are also potential customers of exquisite cars. They may not be wondering the cars’ torque levels but they want something nice; because nobody wants to travel with designer brand in a car which looks dull. And for people who are looking at car magazines should wear something to cover their body. If they can afford to buy those cars, they can also afford those fashion brands. Even if, they cannot neither car nor clothes; associating two different types of goods in one magazine will help readers to associate exquisite cars with designer brands. And they when see a Maserati, they might recall Etro or Fendi; also when they see Christian Louboutin, they might recall Ferrari.
It is that simple!
Pictures are from;
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