Interpretation of VW CrossGolf by Paris Fashion Week

Geneva Motor Show and Paris Fashion Week are very important events for their industry. Yes, fashion is an industry also ;) In both these events, companies are introducing their new designs, new products. These events are exciting for people who are interesting to see new designs and new products. It is the same for fashion and automotive.
However, every new product or design is not the smart! In Geneva Motor Show, VW announced its new Golf! That’s a product line extension, CrossGolf. That’s something between Tiguan (Small SUV) and Golf Plus (Taller Golf). Actually, it is something totally pointless! VW already had a pointless car CrossPolo and its sales performance is similar to Britney Spears’s album sales when she was crazy! Anyway, CrossGolf is defined as “Cleverly designed CrossGolf closes the gap between MPV and SUV”. Very very very interesting!
VW, why do you search for vehicles which have no future! I know that, PowerPoint slides and statistics show revelant data for this segment but it is just a waste of energy and resource. I am pretty sure that, there are some people will buy CrossGolf. However their percentage will less than people who are going to buy this dress for summer from Viktor&Rolf :)

Pictures are from;
VW and Viktor&Rolf Websites