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Mercedes AMG Shoes :((((

Santoni for AMG. This is a part of promotion of Mercedes SLS AMG. Not my favourite :( It did not manage to create the same pure sense of design, excellence of performance, distinctive soul of Mercedes Racing Heritage. It is just a engineering perfection with retro design and the same interior with Mercedes E Coupe. Same Interior! Buttons are the Same!
As I understood from the PR campaign, there are some bits of Porsche Design! SLS AMG is an iconic car, life style etc etc etc. Actually I don’t agree, it does not have a unique design! Similar to Porsche Design, they are now offering shoes from Italian shoe maker Santoni. Except one or two models which are very similar to Camper shoes, the rest of the collection is quite nice. There are some similarities with Hogan shoes but they are nice until the moment you see the AMG word.
I really like Mercedes but I do not find AMG cool! You cannot make a brand cool or exquisite or desirable in couple of months. You must invest invest invest! Actually AMG’s current position is doing really well. It is still a modification company. You did not reveal a design philosophy, I know with current managers AMG is in the excellence of its era. But you should wait more! Anything with Mercedes or AMG logo is not cool for life style, there is a long way to become Porsche Design!
Pictures are from;
Santoni for AMG Website
Hogan Website