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Mercedes SLS AMG and Pamela Anderson’s Boobs!

I am pretty sure that, anyone who is reading this blog knows who Pamela Anderson is! She became famous with Bay Watch and her silicone boobs :) Actually she became an icon for charming woman and for silicones also. Nobody could deny her contribution to silicone implants business! Therefore she should be awarded for this :)
Again Mercedes SLS AMG; a few days ago I have checked our retro iconic car’s configurator website. And I noticed something. SLS AMG does not have the AMG suspensions as standard, like E Coupe does not have the AMG suspensions as standard. For E Coupe, that’s normal because it is an AMG or nobody have written AMG next to its name. So, people can pay extra for AMG suspensions in an E Coupe. However, SLS AMG has the brilliant marketing tactic and offering AMG suspensions in an AMG car which cost ridiculous expensive as an €1428 option! Yes, in Germany you have to pay €1428 for AMG suspensions in SLS AMG. I mentioned Germany specifically, because this option will cost more in other countries.
Let’s combine the Pamela Anderson and SLS AMG. Unfortunately, SLS AMG is not charming like her or iconic like her. But let’s think in this way, Pamela Anderson without her silicones will be senseless! And everyone knows this; in TV series, TV shows or movies her silicones are the eye catching point. Also she is making wealth by show business! For instance, if Pamela Anderson receives an offer to act in TV Series, will she add extra “silicone boobs” fee? Of course not, she knows that people love her silicones and that’s one of the main consistent of her brand image. So she won’t ask something ridiculous like this. Let’s summarize it very clearly; Mercedes SLS AMG’s optional AMG suspensions have the same senselessness of Pamela Anderson to ask for extra fee for her silicones!
People will not care if Pamela Anderson asks for more fee but asking for more for suspensions will not be accepted like that ;)