New Emperor: Ferrari 599 GTO

Ferrari 599 is one of my favourite car. It has everything which you are looking for in a supercar. Technology from F1, V12 engine, enormous amount of power, comfort, luxury, heritage, offering sportiveness and comfort at the same time and many more things. For me it is quite hard to compare with any other car. Of course this uniqueness has a very huge price! And that’s one of the main obstacle between the car and people.
Hopefully a new 599 edition will be introduced, 599 GTO. It will have the DNAs from 1960s with stripes and exterior colours and unbelievable 700 horsepower engine! Yes, 700 horse power! Forget Aston Martin DBS, McLaren MP4 player, Mercedes SLS AMG or anything else. This will be the best GT on planet! It has both heritage, F1 technology and 700 horse power. Ferrari 599 GTO is ultimate car and best for its price. I know that it is really expensive but compare with others and compare what 599 GTO is offering :) I know that you can be between Aston Martin DBS and Ferrari 599. And it is really hard to resist Aston Martin’s designs. It is directly influencing the part in the brain which is avoiding anything else rather than design. When you see a DBS, you forget everything but this new 599 GTO will be a very strong memory in sub consciousness! And it will be serious competitor ;)
So, Ferrari 599 GTO is a great car which offers everything including iPod connectivity. I really wonder who cares about iPod in a Ferrari 599!
Pictures are from;
Ferrari and Worldcarfans Website