Porsche: 1 – Toyota: 0

Many people will say Toyota is the most reliable car earth. My uncle’s sister’s daughter’s nephew’s son has a Toyota and it never break down. Yes, that’s true! Your unknown relative’s Toyota may not break down for long year but it does not anything to break down. I have never heard a very innovative technology from Toyota. They are just saying reliability and dull looking. Okay, Lexus introduced some new technologies but they don’t like to take these kinds of risks. However, a very primitive part of the car caused Toyota to collapse. Gas pedal!
J.D. Power announces reliability index every year for automotive brands. Research is conducted in USA but it provides a good perspective understand which is better and which is worse. And interesting there is an unexpected brand in first place; Porsche :) Yes, the sports car manufacturer who is expert in producing 911. Now it is the most reliable manufacturer on the list. Interestingly Porsche’s have many new technology even in facelifts. For instance; face lifted 911 Turbo is offering a new technology which reduces engine movement during cornering. Hydralic system is working like a suspension for engine and it prevent engine to cause under steer or over steer, as it is the heaviest part of the car. Also PDK, double clutch auto transmission, many electronic systems.
Sorry Toyota, you are the best anymore! Even if you did not have the problem with gas pedal, still you don’t take risks like Porsche to offer new technologies. By the way, Mercury and Buick are also more reliable than Toyota.