Supercar is a diamond

Diamonds are the dreams of many women. They look at them everytime walk near by a jewerelly shop, they try to look their friend’s new ring, look at magazines. Basically, they want one regardless of size but one! I don’t generalize :) They dream the day, they will own one!
Let’s change the object quickly. Supercars; men are looking and taking pictures of supercars. Reading magazines, watching Top Gear and dreaming to drive one. Feeling power, feeling privilidge, emotions.
When a man and woman have enough money to buy diamond or supercar, what they do? They do the same :) Kept it in somewhere nobody can touch it and I cannot even see it! A rich woman bought an expensive diamond. She will wear it couple of times and start to feel uncomfortable. It is very expensive, I waited for many years, someone might steal it, I might lost it and it goes on like this. What happen? Diamond will stay in safe box until the owner forgets it.
When a rich man bought a supercar, he will drive fast, find out its power and etc. After couple of weeks, he will start to think too much! Someone can hit my car, someone might destroy the paint and car will end up in a garage forever.
In the end; dreaming of owning a diamond or a supercar is so strong that, it will prevent you to feel the pleasure of using it :)
Pictures are from;
Bentley and DeBeers Websites