The Real SLS AMG Interior !

Date: 13/02/2007, Time: 03.56AM, Location: Mercedes Headquarter, Stuttgart, Germany
This dialogue is between two Mercedes staff who are working on SLS AMG project. Don’t be fooled, this is imaginary :)
-Guten Tag!
-Guten Tag! (I don’t know why they wanted to say this!)
-Was macht du?
-Ich denke an SLS AMG Interieur.
-Was ist das Problem?
-Machen billig! Gut aussehen!
-Ich habe eine Idee
-Ja, Ja!
-Nehmen Comand-System von C-Klasse :)
-That’s a great idea! (He is excited and started speaking in English)
And here is the translation;
-Hey what are you doing at this time here?
-I got bored and came to work. (Actually there is a reasonable reason why they are at work on this time:) )
-I have a problem with SLS AMG.
-The new fake Gullwing?
-Yes, design team was lazy and they just revised the 300SL.
-I thought they stopped this. They used photocopy machine to design the first C Class by decreasing the size of S Class.
-Yes, they stopped the photocopy machine. It broke down after using a decade.
-What is the problem with SLS AMG?
-The interior. It should be exquisite and cheap to make.
-Why don’t take the interior from C-Class.
-It won’t be nice!
-Who cares :)
-OK, let’s do it.
Sorry for this imaginary conversation. But I don’t have any other chance to explain the horrible interior of SLS AMG. You are paying a huge amount of money and you will have plastic radio! People who are paying nearly €200 000 do not wish to see something plastic. If they wish, they would buy the C Class.
The original Gullwing was decades beyond it time! Therefore people still love that car. If you wish to introduce an iconic car like that, you should design something which is beyond our time!
Pictures are from;
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