Bye bye Hummer

World’s the most unforgetable vehicle was placed itself in automotive history. The huge, heavy, big, inefficient, symbol of being rich and lack of taste will be shut down. Hummer was one of the most sensational vehicle, many people loved it many people hated it but it always caught attention; may be that the secret of Hummer! Many car companies are trying to do by very different way but Hummer did not struggle to achieve this. Actually that’s the only achievement Hummer has achieved.
When it was first loved my Arnold and he wanted to drive it daily, those day he was not interested on environment. Then, every block buster action movie placed a Hummer, people who won lotto bought one. Despite its lack of quality, lack of everything, it was a symbol. And this high demand to Hummer ignitiated the more civilized model H2. It was powered by a ridiculious petrol powered engine with Chevrolet Sububran strucutre. It made a huge impact when the petrol was something cheap and it was not considered as a symbol of wealth. Meantime, many car manufacturers introduced SUV models and competition became tough and Hummer’s ability on sand was not helping to defeat the competitors.
Later on, GM introduced H3 model to survive the brand but it was from last century and offering nothing special. Then petrol price started to increase and increase and Hummer’s hunger for petrol became more significant. People was no longer looking forward to buy a Hummer and changed their preference but the only one who has not changed the preference was the GM. And they tried to sell Hummer to Chinese, it was looking fine. However some rumours started and finally it was announced that nobody on earth wants to buy Hummer and GM will shut down the brand. We will miss the Hummer, it was nice piece of entertainment for automotive world.
Pictures are taken from;
Hummer Website