Enzo Ferrari: The Movie

Recently the movie business started to release movies related with brand creators. Karl Lagerfeld, German fashion designer; Valentino Italian fashion designer and Anne Wintour, Vogue’s legendary editor.

Sure, these movies are not like block buster ones, which you can watch in everywhere on earth but they are effective to understand who they are and what their brands are.

Founder of legendary Italian brand Ferrari, Enzo Ferrari has a movie also. It was shot in 2002 but nobody knows it. Actually it is quite hard to find its DVD even on internet. I don’t know why! And even in Ferrari Store’s web site, there is nothing called Enzo Ferrari Movie. They helped to make this movie but they are not selling the DVD, this is quite unusual for a company which is even selling paper weights with Ferrari logo.
This movie is explaining how the Ferrari brand was born and what sacrifices Enzo Ferrari suffered. It is not about just cars or engines, it is about a person’s life that is devoted to create a car. After this movie, I started to interpret Ferrari brand in a different way. I could see what is underneath this heritage. Hopefully we could still see the trace of this heritage in every Ferrari car and Enzo Ferrari’s sacrifices achieved the success.