Non boring Kia

I think you may guess my approach to specific car brands, how I evaulute them and show my emotions towards their products. One of my least favourite brand is Kia! Kia is not a bad brand but they are excellent at producing very ugly looking cars. I have never ever emerged an emotion to any Kia car. They are not bad, Kia developed itself really good in last one decade but they look dull, until now!
Audi’s chief designer Peter Schreyer was transferred to Kia nearly four years ago and I was expecting to see eye catching new models from Kia. Because, Schreyer is one of the very best designers and his designs like Audi TT and Audi A2 are really unique cars.
Eventually last week I saw the new Kia Optima but I noticed that it was a Kia after five minutes. It was looking totally something different, there is no relationship between a traditional Kia and this car. My thoughts about Kia definitely changed after this car. This is not just a car, this is a new era for boring Kia. Like French Revolution! New Optima is showing that, we are not ugly and boring anymore. I really wish that Kia will also offer higher quality and less cheap plastic in this car to complete their new image. I still don’t like other Kias except this new one.
This car is one of the best looking cars in its segment. Like Ford Mondeo, Alfa Romeo 159. I really want to see that Kia will also a revolutionary features ;)

Pictures are taken from;
Worldcarfans Website