Sex sells but we sell cars

A few days ago I saw Sex Sells on one of the store. Yes, without any censor! They are not changed their business from striptease club to organic vegetable store. Actually they are selling jeans. This slogan and jeans can be considered together, as jeans classified as an attractive cloth. However, Diesel is not my favourite brand. The main reason sounds ridiculous but Diesel reminds me the dirty, sound making, smoke creator machine. I do know that, those are decades ago for diesel but the remaining notions are common rail and small city cars. In both ways, Diesel brand have never been caught my attention. But they are right at saying sex sells!
This basic but the most common slogan can be observed in automotive industry also. Ferrari, Lamborghini, BMW M Series, Mercedes AMG Models, Audi RS Models and many more. They have the same principle like a jean, sex sells. Very few people are buying these cars for their handling or to utilize their enormous amount of power. They find an attractive point and they buy it. Like people buy jeans. Especially jeans like Diesel! They have chance to buy Paul Smith jean but that is not associated with Sex Sells! That’s just a jean. People can buy a more normal car for the same price with they want to buy an aggressive one!
Pictures are taken from;
Diesel and Ferrari Websites