Sorprendente Fiat Panda

SUV, I think anyone what this stands for! It is more common and more involved in our lives than ABC :) In automotive industry nearly every brand has an SUV model, even the Dacia. It became so popular and cash making even the Aston Martin considered to produce one as Lagonda!
This popularity had adverse impacts on SUVs’ off road ability and really who needs that! Therefore, many SUVs are offered by optional off road package or nothing. People do not wish to take their SUV to mountains, the only obstacle is the pavements! That’s the main advantage of SUV on city jungle, parking on pavements :)
Actually I like SUVs, my favourite is the first generation Mercedes M Class which was looking better than the current model. Also Range Rover is a good option with prehistroic option list. Sorry, it is not very competitive like others. And there is the Fiat Panda 4×4. Yes, Fiat Panda! It is one of the cheapest and very functional SUV on market and capable of doing real off road. How? As the Panda is a very light car unlike Range Rover, it does not suffer much on climbing or crossing rough terrain. Its traction control helps to cope with adverse conditions. I am pretty sure that nobody ever thought of Panda 4×4 as a good option for off road but that’s the fact!


Picture is taken from;
Fiat Website

Video is taken from;
Fifth Gear