The Glamour of Porsche Cayenne

Porsche Cayenne was a disastrous looking SUV when it was first revealed. It was sharing too much common with VW Touareg, lack of Porsche character and was not looking very nice either. And interestingly Porsche was offering rear and centre differential lock and low range gear box for an SUV which was supposed to design for high speed driving. Of course it was not Porsche’s decision, it was the decision by VW and they were technically the same SUV.
Despite these adverse points of Cayenne, it did not suffer any problem in sales figures. It was one of the most profitable cars of Porsche and that made it clear that many people don’t understand what 911 is! Now Cayenne has a new model, and it is the best looking SUV on market. Both in inside and outside! This new model wiped out the adverse parts of previous model and definitely offering a real Porsche SUV. Interior is sharing same bits from Panamera and that’s normal and I would rather prefer this than sharing with Touareg. The evolution did not end up here; Cayenne is no longer offering low range gearbox which was only adding more weight. But its off road ability did not vanquish, actually they
did something really clever.
New Cayenne is offering eight speed automatic gearbox, and the first gear was designed as low range gear for off road driving. This is very clever, nobody is driving in fourth or fifth gear on mountains and if they want to do this, they should buy something else. I know that this new technology might lower its ability to tow but please do not tow any stupid thing with Porsche. Just go and buy some other SUV.
This new Cayenne is the most charming, most sexy, most beautiful SUV on market. Forget the Range Rover, BMW X5 or Mercedes M Class. This is new Cayenne is offering you what you really want to have in a car.
Pictures are taken from;
Porsche Website