The thin line between rich and poor

For many times, I looked for Nespresso Machine in many stores and the result was the same. Ridiculously over priced coffee machine! I really could not understand why they were charging more than the ordinary espresso machine. They both basically do the same thing, espresso! But Nespresso was nearly twice the price of an espresso machine. As I noticed Nespresso does not offer any an extreme sophisticated technology. It was just making coffee!

Eventually it was not very hard to understand why they charge more! That’s a luxury product, George Cloney was the brand ambassador in advertisements. Nespresso was mentioned in luxury magazines. Coffee machine was evolved from daily usage to reflection of welfare. It was the invisible line between poor and rich. In its website, it was defined as timeless design, high level functionality, user friendly and you know the rest. They should have written the reflection of your money to society! It is just starting from nearly €150, I am trying to approach optimistic and it was just rising like a boomed stock exchange. In addition, you have to buy your coffee capsules from Nestle, because it does not work with other coffee. In summary, Nespresso is something which you would buy when you win the lotto! And never use it again!
This just reminded me BMW. Of course, when you buy a BMW you would drive all the time. However, it is like Nespresso machine! Especially the 1 Series. It is as big as Ford Focus or VW Golf and offering pretty much the same. You cannot have the sophisticated technologies from 5 Series, but a bit more than Focus or Golf. Unfortunately, for that unnoticeable difference, you suppose to pay very noticeable price! Hopefully, 1 Series does not work with BMW petrol, you can fill it up in anywhere on earth. Like Nespresso machine, 1 Series is a small hatchback. It is just a symbol of wealth. I have more money than you and I did not buy a Golf or Focus. Audi A3 is expensive also it looks really fine. However, 1 Series is expensive and also ugly. So ugly that, I could not find a angle to see it beautiful.
So if you wish to show your wealth, just buy Nespresso machine with BMW 1 Series.