Touch me! Jaguar

Fabric experts are able to understand the quality of fabric just by touching them. To understand the quality of a fabric, you have to touch! You don’t have many alternatives. And that’s something very usual. However, Jaguar XF something common with that. I know that XF is not a brand new car but many people do not know its interesting feature of touching everything.
This car’s interior is an engineering show. Engine start button flashes like pulse, gear knob raises from the dash, air vent are opened when air condition is on. The interesting bits are the touching parts :) Yes, you have to touch some place to open or activate them. The navigation screen is touch screen and that’s very common. However, touch sensing glove box is something totally unexpected. Unlike other cars, in Jaguar XF you just need to touch or drag your finger like in iPhone! And glove box opens. It is the same with interior lights, there is not button to press. You just touch the light and it is on! Sounds like Star Trek technology. I didn’t have chance to experience these things while driving but I don’t think that anyone is annoyed with touch focused interior.
Like understand the quality of fabric, to understand the technology of a car sometimes we have to touch!