A film by Apple: iPad Inspired from real story BMW 5 GT

Consumption is very funny and very complicated to understand in some situations. Recently Apple introduced something which is called iPad! It is a machine which was designed by photocopy machine. Apple just increased the zoom and photocopied the iPhone’s design and send it to production. It looks just look a big mobile phone! However the material used in iPad makes it very exquisite, I cannot ignore this. But this does not help us to understand why we should buy a iPad? It is netiher a mobile phone nor a computer! It is between mobile phone and laptop !?! Is there a segment like that? Of course no, Apple just made it up!
Basically; nobody knows what iPad is, how we can use and why we should buy it! But many people bought it. I am pretty sure that, many of them have no idea what to do with iPad and found out that Apple is charging for every single extra! I am sure that, when you ask to Apple, they will send you a booklet why you should buy an iPad and help Steve to buy a bigger yacht! That’s the only reasonable reason to buy  iPad, just to make Steve rich :) Despite all these adverse things, Apple made a huge success! I guess Steve was impressed by the German car manufacturers while designing the iPad ;)
German car companies are the expert of creating new segments. Mercedes M Class, BMW X6, Mercedes CLS, BMW X1 are icons of new segmentation! And they all sold very well. Like iPad, German car companies are charging for extra single option! However Apple missed one point, German car companies are defining their new segment very clear and customers know what they are buying. When you buy a Mercedes CLS, you don’t expect to go off road or with BMW X6, you won’t be the king of Nürburgring! So everything was very clear until this! BMW 5 GT.
I am proud to announce that BMW 5 GT is the father of Apple iPad! Their DNAs are the same; they both very expensive, both of them charging money for any option, both trying to create a new segment and both are senseless! Why? Because, nobody knows why we should one these! I have no single idea why to buy a 5 GT !?! Actually 5 GT is not a coupe, it is lifted estate car without four wheel drive option. It is neither SUV nor estate and definitely not a sedan. So why we should buy one?
There is one reason for buying these pointless products. You would probably be willing to give this message to universe; I have lots of money to buy anything and I have no idea about cars and computers, and I want to be different. So when you combine these points, there is a one reason to buy a 5 GT and iPad! Just to show off :) I think iPad should be bundled with 5 GT ;)
Actually, I would prefer to buy BMW 5 GT. At least, it is very well designed, engineered car with many intelligent features. And you won’t need another car to drive this car :)
Pictures are taken from;
BMW and Apple Websites