Clean Bentley

Bentley Mulsanne, nowadays it is one of the very hot news in automotive industry. Nearly every week, we received news announcement about Arnage replacement, Mulsanne. Bentley’s new car with 6.75lt engine. Yes, still Bentley has the pre-historic engine! I guess they do not wish to send away this engine. In couple of year, VW will manage to develop four hundred horsepower from 1.4lt engine and Bentley would still be using fifty year old 6.75lt V8. That’s a nice engine but please, we are living in 2010! Even the new Rolls Royce Ghost has a new engine.
Anyway, let’s move from engine to something else. Bentley’s brand identity is based on luxury, technology, exquisite quality. You can understand this on their website, in their dealers across the world, on their cars and even in their press releases. So, you would be expecting perfect quality in every single detail, and Bentley is very good doing that expect in one place. Bentley cars are manufactured excellent in details, I don’t have any doubts about this. But I noticed something very interesting and I am bit disappointed. The press release video from Bentley which is about leather craft in Mulsanne. This is a very short time frame, the camera zooms to employee’s hand and the wood, then we see that his nails are that not clean! Rolls Royce never misses this kind of detail, even Mercedes or BMW. And Bentley suppose to do the same like other brands, because these videos are played whole over the world. Everything on that video should reflect their brand identity.
So, this minor details can be understood very differently in some markets. Each market has its own cultural underpinning and their customs, in some markets employee are reflecting the product and the brand. And an employee whoc is not clean enough might me reflecting an adverse image for the brand and for the product. Like; if he is not paying attention to cleanness, maybe he is not paying attention to my future Bentley’s cleanness.
Minor details make major differences ;)
Time frame for the snapshop: 02:48
Pictures and Video are taken from;
Bentley Website