Guten Morgen Mercedes

It was 1997, when I first saw the Mercedes CLK GTR! Many of us may forgot that magnificent car. It was a CLK but that was limited to three letters only! CLK GTR was a real super car in every single detail. It was a car that was showing how Mercedes can built a super car like Ferrari. It was excellent from every angle. And honestly; it was beyond it time, like 300 SLR.
I am pretty sure that in fifty years time, it will be the sold on auctions for couple of million dollars. Unlike stupid SLR and ridiculous SLS AMG. CLK GTR had a sole, nowadays you cannot find this on any Mercedes vehicle. Now they have to share everything single part with daily cars; engine, interior and etc. Now they are offering unique names like SLS or SLR but the rest is senseless. Actually they are so senseless that in future Mercedes will be regret have them and they will be forgotten in the past. Probably some car magazine will show the SLR and SLS AMG as what Mercedes was doing in 2000s.
However CLK GTR will be the master piece in future. It was sharing part but they made a great harmony, so that it was not annoying like current models. It was totally piece of art. Especially its unique design makes it more exquisite and different than current models. Even today, CLK GTR is phenomenon! I have never seen one in my life and I am pretty sure that, if I see one day I won’t forget that moment. However I saw SLR many times but it did not make any sense and I am pretty sure that SLS AMG will create the same reaction. Those cars do not have the attraction like CLK GTR, you don’t dream to buy a SLR or SLS AMG when you could buy Ferrari 599 or Porsche 911 Turbo. Because, they are cheaper and better looking and also offering more!
I hope that we will see new super car Mercedes after the catastrophic SLS AMG incident! Eventually, Mercedes remembered that they have made a super car and they have released a video of it on Youtube.
Pictures are taken from;
Mercedes Website