Haute Couture Mini

As you might have noticed, I don’t write on weekends. Because, people don’t bother to use their computers. However, time to time there are exceptions for me, like today. Couple of months ago, Mini revealed the semi naked SUV concept car (Mini Beachcomber), which was like a haute couture of Mini. Haute couture is a type of clothes which are only made for Paris Fashion Show (Please correct me, if I am wrong). And they stay as haute couture, the marketing department does not willing to sell them just to increase their profit. Because, they may not be ideal for daily life. This Mini is the same; an SUV which does not offer any door, any top or anything which will help to cover the car! And it suppose to be an SUV.
This crazy idea was a concept car, which means it may not go into production and save automotive world from a ridiculous model! But Munich (BMW HQ) decided to produce this pointless SUV! And they told that, Mini never reveals a concept car which won’t go on production. That’s great! If you said this sentences in a movie like Gladiator, everyone will love it and you will be adored! But this is real life and you need to think twice sometimes. Especially, automotive industry; as the industry has a very bad reputation for introducing useless cars during last decade!
On paper everything might look nice, of course on paper economic crisis is a just a two words not more than that! This is the same, naked SUV! A new niche market which will be offering a unique way to injure yourself while driving it. Come on BMW, you are offering a four wheel drive car which does not even have a proper door! This is worse than anything else. I really wonder who is going to buy this? I can imagine this answer from Jeremy Clarkson but I am not going to write it here.
I am pretty sure that, there are many people who are ready to buy this car. However, those people will not help Mini to sustain its profit level. Because, they will buy this ridiculous car just to be different nothing else!
Anyway, whatever people say or write, BMW will produce this car and it will be a great material for Top Gear to entertain us. I am looking forward to hear the jokes and meet with people who will buy this naked SUV :) My opinion? Keep some concepts cars as concept!
Pictures are taken from;
Worldcarfans and Valentino Websites