Important advices from Chevrolet

PR footages are important to reflect brand identity to targeted customers and create a brand equity on society. So that, people will associate positive notions to brand! When we talk about PR, we cannot ignore the importance of USA. Some people assume that, PR born in USA. Actually they are not wrong either!
Today I found the Chevrolet’s old PR footages. Unlike contemporary ones, they are very long and you start to get bore! Of course, in 1930s there were no ratings or huge prices for commercials because, there were nearly no TV at all. Anyway; let’s go back to Chevrolet’s PR footage. We could clear see that, production is taken very seriously and the messages are the most interesting ones on earth. I think none of the PR activity of campaign offered these kinds of message to people.
Let me tell you some of the very interesting messages! You can drive your car through the railway to reach Key West and also the magnificent suspension will eliminate the adverse effects of the road. Really? Chevrolet is officially motivating drivers to drive on railway! And their car will be driving smoothly. We can clearly see, at those years their sense of safety was just nearly to nothing. You can drive your on railway and hit by a train, what a coincident! I think they have missed that point, but that’s something not very important. Of course their stupendous messages do not stop here. Chevrolet is also advising drivers to carry 20 girls outside their car. Yes; not inside, outside and top of the car! And you will be driving along Miami Beach with girls hanging out of your car. If they fell off, let’s don’t think about that.
Many years have passed from this funny footage and now we have many safety regulations for everything and unless you won’t be looking for the most idiotic car company on earth nobody will ever release a footage like this! However, Chevrolet still insists to produce suspension which could run smoothly on rail road. Of course, they are not advising to drive on it but the quality of the suspension did not change. Still no handling and still car is diving up and down along the road.

Pictures are taken from;
Chevrolet Website