Rapid(e) end of sexy Aston Martin ?

If you find this blog from Google (most probably), there is nothing going with Aston Martin! However, everything is not going very well either. Why? Recently I was reading about Ferrari’s new model 458 and 599 GTO. And I noticed, like many other people Ferrari is offering something totally different with every new model. Actually even the new variation of current models have something in different. Or more improved is the better word for that.
However, I cannot say the same with Aston Martin. Since Vanquish, I did not realize a serious technological in Aston Martin models. Sure; they are offering better quality, better design and more technology but not that much. DB9 and DBS; they are too much similar! Their interior, their gadgets, buttons and many other things. I was expecting to see double clutch auto or 8 speed auto gearbox. The main differentiating point of DB9 and DBS is their price! Yes, DBS is a replacement of Vanquish but it looks too much similar to DB9.
And I am checking Aston Martin website often to see something new about their cars and I was disappointed for a long time, until the Rapide! The four door Aston Martin is the best Aston Martin. Sorry Clarkson! It has two extra doors and may not reflect the Aston Martin heritage like DB9 but it is a harmony of contemporary technology with sophisticated heritage. And that’s what Aston Martin should do! Combination of past and future. The Rapide is the flash forward of Aston Martin and telling what the future models can offer! But please, try to engage the double clutch gearbox, even the VW Polo is offering that!
But whatever happens to Aston Martin, it will always be the most sexy car on earth! Not charming, totally sexy!
In order; Ferrari 458, Aston Martin DBS, Aston Martin Rapide
Pictures were taken from;
Aston Martin and Ferrari Websites