A flashforward for Lancia and Chrysler

May 2014; since last one year Chrysler cars are branded as Lancia in Europe. When the Lancia first announced this in 2010, nobody was expecting this kind of reaction from consumers. Actually it was not too much but nothing has changed for Chrysler, actually things got worse for Lancia.
Lancia is one of the most iconic car brands for whole time, Stratos and Lancia Delta gained unforgetable victories for many years. However, Lancia could not compete with other brands and it turn into a entry level brand in Fiat range. Despite the efforts for introducing new models, Lancia never found the old time success.
This is most probably based on low production quality, lack of clear brand identity, unclear brand image on consumers and so on. People don’t really what Lancia is! The decision was made in 2010 to introduce Chrysler cars as Lancia is like introducing Playboy as Euroboy to Europe! Example is not exactly the same but the mentality is the same. Let’s change the package and sell it to Europe. What a wonderful idea! Chrysler was thinking to boost sale by doing this. Like their insufficient turbo boost, this decision did not boost well.
Dull to drive Chrysler vehicles damaged the brand image of Lancia and generated a confusion! Which Lancia is the real Lancia. Consumers struggled so much and they gave with Lancia. Also the dullness of Chrysler vehicles was a major reason. Unfortunately, Chrysler is not very good at producing cars with passion. Sorry! Also vehicles like 300C which does not have a proper brakes and suspension, also highlights the major manufacturing problems in Chrysler!
Sebring cabrio, Sebring sedan and PT Cruiser cannot name as Lancia! Last one year, everyone witnessed to why not to buy semi Chrysler semi Lancia car. There is not synchrony, video is showing something else, audio is saying something else. Logo is Lancia, car drives like Chrysler.
This was a flash forward :) Mainly based on my imagination and witness the unsuccessful attempts to force brand to marry with each other with love. Like in human life, this does not work well for companies also. Lancia is something different and Chrysler is something different. The important thing for Chrysler to understand; people don’t have a problem with Chrysler, they have problem with your boring design, lack of features which can be found even on Ford Fiesta, unsatisfying driving pleasure, unstable product life cycle and many more things.
Before branding Chryslers as Lancia, they should think again and try to understand the reality underneath the Chrysler’s problem. Even Chrysler cars sold under Bentley, nothing will ever change!
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