A new Audi !

Audi and Quattro (four wheel drive system); it is very hard to explain their relationship or try to find something similar. I guess the most similar one would be Pamela Anderson and her silicon boobs! With Pamela, nobody cares about silicone and without silicone, we will feel the lack!
It is the same with Audi, it should be with Quattro. However it is not that easy to offer Quattro in ever model. They are technical difficulties but Audi always introduces each new model with Quattro and later on, offer the models without silicon, sorry without Quattro.
Today I found something in Audi’s Website, it was the Audi store. Like Ferrari store, you can live with Audi in your daily life. Even your kid can experience the Audi! The pedal car Audi and it looks magnificent from every angle. You cannot express the Audi soul better than this :) But they forgot something, this pedal car is probably rear wheel drive! So what? Actually it suppose to have three differentials which will enable to offer Quattro! Quattro for kids? Yes! As I mentioned, Audi is Quattro and every thing they offer, it should be some essence of Quattro soul. For a pedal car, they had the opportunity to offer. Ferrari did this with its pedal car! It is a small F1 car :)
Pictures are taken from;
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