A rare Mercedes S Class, from 2001

A few seconds ago I read something which really shocked me! Mercedes S Class is not something which can be called as “rare”. You can see S Class in everywhere on earth, may be even in south pole. I never considered Mercedes S Class as a rare to discuss. It has a very wide range of engine choice which makes it impossible to be rare.
However, Mercedes did something in 2001! In 2001, the W220 code named Mercedes S Class was going around. Mostly S320 and S500 as usual and there was S55 AMG. But Mercedes silently decided to produce S63 AMG in 2001 with 6,3lt engine which produces 444 horse powers and 620 nm of torque. I know many of you don’t care about the numbers but this 2001 S63 AMG is extremely rare! From the research I have conducted, I can say that this car was on production for a limited time period in 2001 and disappeared without even been noticed. From my research, I found out that it was produced based on request and there are only 21 of them were sold. And from the screen shot of Mercedes AMG’s website, we can see that AMG manufactured a 6,3lt engine in 2001.
Finally, there is a rare Mercedes and that is a S Class. I am rare shocked with this news. I never expected to hear this from Mercedes. Hopefully, three decades later someone might  pay a reasonable price to this car in an auction. If you really want to be cool, try to find one of this car :) Don’t confuse with current S63 AMG, this is totally something else :)