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Addiction to boot by Mercedes and BMW

Mercedes and BMW have something in common; they love to put a boot into every car they produce. That’s not something unusual and people are looking for a boot in a car. However, boot is a very relative subject for cars. If you are planning to sell your car to families, you suppose to offer a boot which is big enough swallow everything inside. It is same for SUVs also, it should take everything inside :)
But you should not try to imply this mentality into cars with huge amount of horsepower or cars which are suppose to be remembered as fast car! BMW and Mercedes are the two very interesting car manufacturer which are trying to attach bigger boot as they create bigger horsepower. Especially Mercedes attaches a boot to every car except CLK GTR. SLR has a boot, SL has a boot, SLS AMG has a boot and E 63 Estate and BMW M5 are just boots nothing more. And those boots are huge, believe me. They are too big! I really wonder which customer is preferring a very powerful car based on its ability for Sunday family shopping.
If people care too much about boot size, nobody would buy a Ferrari or Porsche. They will be bankrupted due to lack of demand but they make huge amount money!
This situation can be summarized for ladies; boots are like handbags. It suppose to swallow everything inside but at the same time, it should be fashionable. You cannot be fashionable, if you are carrying a luggage with you all the time! It will take everything inside but it will looking extremely dull! You don’t choose handbags based on their ability to swallow things inside, you prefer for their design and their look. For fast cars, it is the same! Nobody cars about the boot size :)
Mercedes and BMW’s approach to fast car is like; Louis Vuitton’s attempt to integrate luggage and handbag together to make something very functional! If you are going to buy a Mercedes E63 AMG Estate or BMW M5 Estate car, you will be trying to buy a luggage handbag :)
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