Alfa Romeo MiTo Diesel: Minimize consumption, maximize pleasure

MiTo; Alfa Romeo’s one of the best looking car and probably the best looking car in small hatch market. I do know that Alfa Romeo has a bit more reliability than a fake iPhone but that was the past. Now Alfa Romeo is in a new era, we can see this from their new engine range.
Especially the diesel! Yes, Alfa Romeo and diesel sounds similar to chips and chocolate but world has changed, people are looking for diesel engines even in their sports car. Therefore, Alfa Romeo MiTo is offering a 1,6lt diesel engine. I know this is not a something very unusual but when I focused on details, it was unbelievable.
This ordinary 1,6lt diesel engine is offering unordinary amount of torque, 320nm! What is torque, you might be saying! It is a bit complicated to explain but it is a huge amount for a such small car. BMW 318d has the same amount of torque from 2,0lt diesel engine. You imagine the rest, this MiTo is a new era for diesel power! Words are useless to define the enjoyement of this huge amount of torque in a small car. This is like a super computer at the size mobile phone :)
When Alfa Romeo couples this diesel engine with double clutch auto transmission, that would be the best car can be bought on earth :) Minimize consumption, maximize pleasure :)
Picture are taken from;
Alfa Romeo Website