Eat ice cream, win Bentley :O

I don’t like to discuss about promotion in my blog and I never did it. But this time, it is totally different. For long decades many people wish to buy a Bentley and as expected they bought it in their dreams not while eating their ice cream!
Now, you can have a Bentley Continental GTC while eating your Magnum ice cream. I am totally serious, no joke! In Turkey this is possible now. Algida, Unilever’s global ice cream brand (in UK Wall’s) introduced a new campaign. You will eat your Magnum ice cream and send the code in your stick and you will be able to win Bentley Continental GTC. Unfortunately this is the slow model, they are not giving the GTC Speed, so I am not planning to attend to this campaign!
I am pretty sure that, Unilever will make enormous amount of cash from this campaign. Until now, nobody tried to give a free Bentley and especially in Turkey where the taxation is more than the price of the car. But motivation of having chance to win this car will be the new trend for this summer. Many people will eat Magnum may be they will try to their limits for daily ice cream limit. Probably this campaign will benefit the health service also, eating enormous amount of ice cream not only gives a chance to win Bentley but also gives a chance to visit a hospital.
Thanks to Unilever, this summer will be very hot! And unforgettable for many people. In 2001, Lipton Ice Tea was giving a free Mitsubishi EVO and many of us were drinking Ice Tea to have a chance to win this car. What happened next? Many of us, including me never drink Lipton Ice Tea since that year! Because, we drunk enough to cover a decade of ice tea drinking. I am absolutely sure that, this will happen to many people in Turkey.
Lastly, Unilever is increase their limit each year but there is a problem. What will you offer in following years? Bugatti Veyron? Offer Veyron the whole world will eat unbelievable amount of Magnum! And after that Unilever will have to offer a private jet and next year an Airbus A380 and in the end a space shuttle :)
The Bentley on their website is an American spec Bentley Continental GTC! You can understand from the side light in bumpers. If this is an American spec, it might have less horse power due to emission restrictions :) Serious problem :)
Pictures are taken from;
Bentley and Algida Websites