Ferrari with decent back seats: MiTo

Hundred years of Alfa Romeo! 2010 is the 100th birthday of world’s one of the most iconic and sexy car brand. Even the Enzo Ferrrari raced for Alfa Romeo before he established his business Ferrari. Everyone in automotive world had direct or indirect relationship with Alfa Romeo.
100th anniversary started on their website, I did not see any special 100th anniversary limited edition cars or anything else or any activity on Alfa Romeo dealers yet! I guess Alfa Romeo forgot that this year was the 100th birthday. At least they could have offered some limited editions to make this year unforgetable.
Actually they made a special logo and of course t-shirts and other thing with those logo on their online store. Actually I was going to buy a 100th anniversary t-shirt but the delivery costs 10€ and t-shirt costs 21€! Very interesting!
On Sunday, I went to a Alfa Romeo dealer with my friend. He is planning to buy a Alfa Romeo MiTo, which is my favourite sexy super car. For that price tag, you cannot buy something better. Forget Mini, it is just an overpriced German car, go buy an Audi A1 and you feel better inside.
The main thing which I like in MiTo is the DNA switch. This switch let’s you to change the character of car by choosing from dynamic, normal and all weather. By choosing these three programmes, you are able to change the reactions of the car. This is a basic or cheap version of Ferrari’s Manettino switch which you can find in F430, 458, 599 and 612 models. This also changes the driving character of the car by choosing different programmes.
There was something missing in MiTo and that’s was dual clutch automatic gearbox. And hopefully, now you can have it in petrol engine! I don’t want to discuss about engineering thing, basically this automatic is extremely quick to your responses and you will be changing gears like in F1 car. Actually Ferrari 458 and California have the same transmission. It is excellent, don’t buy the manual :)
All these technologies can be read from their website and you will not be shocked when you experience them. However MiTo has something which usually does not appear in coupé Alfa Romeos! It has legroom in back seat :) I am serious, 1,86 metre adult can accommodate without any problem at the back seats :) So MiTo is small Ferrari with proper back seat :)
By the way; don’t miss to check matte grey Alfa Romeo Brera, despite its huge weight more than the moon, this car looks really great this new color.

Pictures are taken from;
Alfa Romeo and Ferrari Websites