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Mercedes E63 AMG with High Heels | Susie Stoddart

Susie Stoddart, I guess many of your never heard of this name. She is probably the best looking racing driver. Yes, she is a racing driver and she is racing in DTM with Mercedes! When you first saw her pictures, you would definitely never think of DTM racing. However she is doing pretty well !

This blog is not about car racing, so why I am writing all these? A few days ago again Mercedes revealed a new footage for Mercedes E63 AMG Estate. The most pointless car of the century including BMW M5 Estate.

This car has more than five hundred horse power and it has a huge boot, which you can fill with many things. Actually, when you have five hundred horsepower why do you need to use the boot, I really don’t know. Anyway, Mercedes introduce this “family” for lunatic families probably. Unless, you won’t be speeding with your family or making donuts while your kids are at the back. Why do you buy this car? Buy E500, it has plenty of horse under the bonnet. I am pretty sure that, there are many logical, reasonable reason to produce this car.

The footage was very interesting like the E63 AMG Estate, Susie is approaching to the car with a casual dress and she looks at her shoes and thinks they are not for driving this pointless car. And changes her clothes and her shoes with sexier ones! Yes, she is going to drive the senseless car with high heeled shoes! Very interesting :) The car is black, she wears everything in black; what a great combination this reminded me Karl Lagerfeld who is wearing black all the time.
In footage, she is making donuts and pushing the family estate to its limits with the most inappropriate shoes for driving!.

But, there is a problem! Mercedes introduced this car for families, who want to do speeding while going to sunday shopping. No problem with that, the message is very clear! After this footage, there is a totally a different message is coming out! I am sexy, let’s have fun :)

Susie does not have any family or kids, she does not drive like a normal family; there are no problems at all! But the car is the problem, a lady like Susie will lost its mind and buy a E63 AMG Estate while there are plenty of much better looking cars are around.

Mercedes tells something else, senseless car is telling something else and footage is telling totally something else. Which wife would let her husband to a buy car which is driven buy a charming sexy lady? Really I would like to hear answer Mercedes!

Pictures are taken from;
Susie’s and Mercedes Websites