Small details makes the differences

I am sure many of you will say, why someone would write something like this! For that reason, I will try to make an introduction to break your biases :)
When we buy something, especially something which is very expensive, we want to buy the most original product of that brand. I mean there should be some original touches in that product to be differentiated from the others. And many brands are very good at doing this!
When you ask a lady, what you call original! She would probably say Christian Louboutin shoes, because they have red soles! These red soles made accidentally and it became trademark for Louboutin, honestly it is saving his business also! Easier to differentiate from other :) So, Louboutin shoes are always a desire for ladies and they want to buy the most Louboutin one. When you read fashion magazines, they will be discussing about some particular models which are never be out of fashion, you can wear regardless of fashion trend. That is Pigalle model! And every detail in these shoes are attractive for ladies, because they are stylish !
Porsche 911 Turbo, an automotive perfection! From manufacturing plant to screen wipers, everything is in a perfect harmony. There is nothing irritating in that car, even the mosquito will not enter to a 911 Turbo to ruin this perfection. I wrote many thing about 911 Turbo but recently I discovered something very attractive on this car. Those are the wheel nuts! Yes, you did not read wrong. Because, this car only have one on each wheel. Unlike your normal car, 911 Turbo has the same style of wheel nuts which you can find in Formula 1 or Le Mans cars :) Even if you have a flat tyre, you will be replacing in a stylish way ;)
Pictures are taken from;
Porsche and Net-A-Porter Websites