A contemporary way to waste your money: Audi A7

Anyone who is interested on cars know one thing! Mercedes and BMW are the king of creating segments and time to time being disappointed for their decision. Especially Mercedes has a special talent to introduce new segment even the people in Mercedes could not understand what that is! For example; Mercedes R Class, B Class and CLC Class. These are the contributions from Mercedes to automotive history, what not to produce!
However I do like the risk taking strategy of Mercedes, they are take risk focus on R&D and introduce a new model. That’s the Mercedes image, don’t worry Mercedes charges for failed class from normal models. Therefore Mercedes is “overpriced”.
Last one decade Audi is working really hard to compete with Mercedes and BMW. Everyone realized this from the quality improvements and emerging brand image. But it is still an Audi, sorry you don’t have the Mercedes S Class or Range Rover effect yet and probably you won’t have this for next one decade also.
But Audi is keen on to strength its position like Mercedes and become an icon for introducing dull and pointless models. And they have achieved this :) Audi A7; contemporary way to waste your wealth! Here is the message from Audi’s press document, elegant coupe, sport sedan and practical wagon. When I read this I remembered something else which is an icon for wasting your money, Swiss Army knife. Everyone buy it and never use it, because it is useless. You cannot cut a paper, you cannot use as a screw. The only good thing, you just own it.
From the press release I imagined this; Audi A7 is like wearing formal jacket over a t-shirt mated with tie and jean with hole and boots designed to climb mountain.
Audi A7 is exactly like this. From engineers perspective that’s an excellent car to drive, its offering every kind of safety technology like in A8. And its design; I cannot say I love it but that’s okay. Some people will like it, some people will not like it. But Audi A7 has a small problem. This car is as big as chateaux and just accommodate four passengers with a weird hatchback. More basically, you will pay a huge amount of money for a car which is maximum at outside, minimum at inside and you will have back that looks like very interesting. I can clearly say, Audi A7 is the first which has two fronts.

I am sure that money people will buy this and they will saying “I was waiting for this”. Like people said the same thing for BMW 5 GT. By the way, do you anyone own 5 GT ?
I really wish to write something better but I couldn’t. Instead of this buy an Audi A8 which looks better, looks better, has a front and a back and it does not have boot like in a VW Golf.
Audi please don’t turn into Mercedes or BMW, we love you because you are the only niche premium brand.
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