A new trend, animal print interior for pink cars

Last week I saw the pink Fiat 500 for the first time. Of course, this is not something very unusual; pink is normal colour like red, blue or white. The interesting point when you offer pink as a colour option in a car, you directly targeted to women customers. Probably no man will ever buy a pink coloured car! Okay, may be a very cheap pink Bugatti Veyron can find some men customers but in general terms pink is for women.
Offering pink in colour range of a car is a risky decision. Some of the potential men customers place the car into “ignore it” section and you might loss some customers. On the other hand, it can be beneficial! Women customers tend to shop quicker than men, this is something very clear :)
This can make the pink colour as a reasonable option in automotive industry. Especially I can suggest this for Mercedes CLC! As the CLC is a total catastrophe, what can go wrong more? Just add pink colour to option list and you might have some new women customers. Actually Fiat 500 and Nissan Micra are offered in pink colour, honestly I did not see them on street that much but I am pretty sure that some people bought them.
However, the car companies do not take more serious action. Once you ruined the image of car by offering pink don’t stop there! Continue! And animal print option for interior. I am serious, just imagine. A pink Fiat 500 with animal print interior. If this car does not sell, I will not talk about car again! How I came up to this point? Just look at Vogue or Elle, everything is in animal print. Cheap brand, luxury brands, all of them are offering this.
I guess after the collaboration with Land Rover and Victoria Beckham, we can see these kind of interesting combination in Land Rover vehicles.
Pictures are taken from;
Fiat, Jimmy Choo and Nissan Websites