Ben Sherman: A great composition of British Automotive by a t-shirt

July is in the middle of summer with clear sky and hot temperatures which motivates us to go around air conditioned shopping centres for American readers shopping malls. Like the temperature is rising, the sales are rising which makes us to shop more. Don’t be excited, there is no %50 sales in Porsche or in Ferrari. I am talking about normal shops, where you can find normal goods without engine and wheels.
However in normal products you can still find wheels and engines, of course in a different way! Today I found a great t-shirt in Ben Sherman store (British fashion brand). I don’t know how I missed this t-shirt during the season, hopefully I missed it because it is now only £10 :) ( Link for t-shirt )
As you can see from the pictures, a great composition of British automotive industry was told. Yes, this t-shirt is telling every bit of British automotive industry. The way they combined different parts of different cars and created a new one, that’s excellent job for a fashion brand! However they missed the front grills of Rolls Royce and Bentley. But it can be acceptable.
So, if you wish own one you have to look around Ben Sherman stores. In Birmingham, I found many of them on shelf but there are no one internet.
Pictures are taken from;
Bentley, Rolls Royce and Ben Sherman Websites