Dear Rolls Royce;

I think this is the best of writing a post about Rolls Royce. Even you like it or not, Rolls Royce is the most respectful car brand on earth, may be one of the most respectful brand on planet. Unfortunately some customers tend to paint their Rolls Royce in pink but these are exception.
British icon Rolls Royce started a new era for their marketing strategy. It is social media! Yes, after the new Ghost model they realized that there is a new world called internet and people use it for everything. Actually I haven’t met with Rolls Royce Twitter page or blog site but I saw their application for iPhone.
This software is one of the main reason to shift from Nokia to iPhone. You have a Rolls Royce logo in your mobile phone and it is free! That’s unbelievable. However that’s all for that application. Unfortunately it does not offer more than Zara’s application! With Zara’s application, you can look at shirts, t-shirts, shoes and etc. Of course you cannot try them from your mobile phone. And Rolls Royce did the same, you can configure your Rolls Royce Ghost and that’s all!
I am sure Rolls Royce will say, what do you want more? For instance, virtual experience of driving a Rolls Royce and how comfortable it is. That’s very complicated to achieve. You need to design an application like a game and people will drive the Rolls Royce in various terrains and experience how excellent comfort is offered. In order to understand the level of comfort, you can place a glass of champagne and it won’t spill to anywhere despite adverse road conditions. Also people can experience the power reserve dial which is only available in Rolls Royce.
Rolls Royce have many opportunities for mobile applications but even for now what they have done is excellent. I am expecting to see a new application from Rolls Royce that will go beyond Zara’s. Unfortunately I have to have an iPhone to use this application!
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