Fiat 500 cover by Louis Vuitton

Yesterday Fiat announced their new micro sized petrol engine. 0,9lt engine with just two cylinders and producing up to 105 horsepower. Yes, it is less than one litre and two cylinders. Technically it is slightly bigger than a iPad!
This new TwinAir micro sized engine is also greener and producing less CO2, but I don’t know how much it is. Fiat did not provide any data for this. 0,9lt engine with two cylinders cannot make more CO2 than a couple of trees.
Fiat 500 is my most favourite car. Unlike Mini, this car has its own unique soul. You can find the excitement of the original 500 and touch of quality with reasonable price. That’s main point that diversifies from Mini, a normal price not a price of a small island for a small car.
Honestly, Fiat 500 is giving you everything which you can need in a car. Electronic climate control, glass roof, leather seat, automatic gearbox, micro sized engine, excellent design, xenon headlights, safety features and many other abbreviations. All of these things are packed in a very normal price! Apple is offering many thing with iPhone 4 but charging catastrophic amount of money.
When we talked about iPhone, we cannot ignore the sexy stuff of iPhone. Actually major reason to own one. Louis Vuitton accessories! LV is offering very sexy and expensive bag for iPhone, iPad and iPod. High quality finished leather is covering your ridiculously expensive gadgets. When I thought about the size of two cylinder Fiat 500 engine, I guess LV can make a bag for it. As you can see from the pictures, engine is that small.
Actually I have a better idea for LV. They should start to offer car covers and start from Fiat 500. You will have a leather car cover which will fit exactly to your car. For example; Fiat 500 cover will fit only to Fiat 500, nothing else! Of course it will be leather with LV logos everywhere. I guess many people will buy this cover, even if their car is parked somewhere inside.
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Fiat and Louis Vuitton Websites