New Mercedes-Benz 3,5-lt Engine

Today and yesterday many of us read something on internet; July 6, 2010 is the day which was set on Back to the Future movie. Unfortunately, it was fake ! In movie it was set on 2015, so you need to wait five more years to Back to the Future car in your front garden :)

Actually ten years ago the fat Mercedes S500 was able to produce only 306 horsepower at all! Actually CL500, SL500, G500 were producing the same amount of power as they share the same engine. Honestly I have never been impressed with that engine. It had eight cylinders, five litres and just 306 horses! Mercedes could have done better. I am sure that Mercedes can claim one hundred reason why it was 306.

Now ten years later, Mercedes (finally) revealed a new 3,5-litre engine. This is a six cylinder atmospheric engine, it means no turbo or no compressor. It is breathing like us. Mercedes changed the angle of cylinders, direct injection (why they waited this since 1955 model 300 SLR, I don’t know), multi sparking and 7,6litre per 100 km consumption! Actually I really wonder how realistic that is; it sounds like a organic silicon boobs! Something totally impossible.

7,6-litre consumption means nothing for this kind of engine. Of course they have modified everything for fuel efficiency. But it is still impressive. I guess, if you can manage to drive very precisely you can manage to have a fuel economy close to Ford Focus. Basically, with this new engine your fat S350 Class will be more efficient than Ford Focus. I can clearly say this, this new engine is like a very well achieved diet. Because, diet is always ends up after one week for all of us. Hopefully Mercedes managed to finish it.

In 2000, Mercedes S500 was producing 306 PS with its eight cylinder and five litre engine and consuming the whole petrol on earth. Now Mercedes achieved a huge success to shrink the same performance into 3,5-litre engine with a better economy than a family sedan. Excellent!

I guess ten years later, Mercedes will be offering 306 horsepower from 1,5-litre engine but until that time we will be bored this engine :)


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