The new Nürburgring

Nürburgring, it is like the high way next to your house or your father’s farm! It is not something very unusual or unknown, every car manufacturer occasionally visit Nürburgring and make a faster lap than ever. Ten years ago nobody had an idea about Nürburgring and it was something mystery. However thanks to marketing departments, it turned into something very usual. I am pretty sure that half of us can drive in Nürburgring like we drive to home.
But the Porsche made the difference again! As they stick their brand into a power drill (link), they created a new type of lap record in somewhere else. Yes, Porsche finally found somewhere else different than Nürburgring and it is called Pikes Peak located in USA. It is a hill climb with various road conditions like Nürburgring but as you climb higher, the car is struggling more due to adverse weather conditions! So, you can proof the master of your engineering much easier like Porsche did it :)
I am telling you now, in next one decade Pikes Peak will be the next Nürburgring. If you have extra money, just buy some land and you will make fortune by selling to car companies :) After Porsche, Audi will unleash a fast lap and Ferrari and Mercedes and BMW and Maserati and Land Rover and the rest.
Honestly, marketing departments should find somewhere else then Nürburgring because it is becoming more boring !
Porsche manage to finish this circuit in 11 minutes, 31,1 seconds in a Porsche 911 GT3 Cup car. This car produces 450 hoursepower from 3,8lt engine and it only weights 1200 kilos!

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