We still have 1990s thanks to Chrysler

Yesterday I spotted a Chrysler in Birmingham (UK not US). I know you might say, what is wrong with that! But if you ever been to UK and have some interest on cars, you will be notice that there are no Chrysler on this island.
It is really rare to see a Chrysler, maybe it is too much American or maybe it still has the 1980s green dot matrix digital screen which can cause some people remember their school memories! You can find many more adverse points for Chrysler and that’s not very hard.
Honestly, I don’t like to criticize Chrysler like this but they don’t give us another option. Chrysler is like a four leaf clover which look terrible. The Chrysler I saw yesterday, it was like that. The iconic and boring Sebring with new design philosophy, if that exist!
This car was an icon for being Boring before Lexus and Chrysler did not show any significant effort to improve it. Okay, it is looks better but when you place next to Ford Mondeo; you can notice catastrophe more clearly.
Everyone know that Chrysler is under serious financial problems and they cannot afford to hire Pininfarina design office to make better looking vehicles. So, their sales will drop and they will ask for more money and they will design more boring car and their sales drop… This story goes on like this. If you want to win, hire an Italian design office and get rid of green digital screen!
Pictures are taken from;
Ford and Chrysler Website